Treatments with Dermapen


Treatments with Dermapen

Dermapen is a revolutionary device equipped with a large number of micro-needles which perform light piercings on the surface of the epidermis, giving you a more rejuvenated and fresh skin. These piercings promote the regenerative ability of the body itself by stimulating production of collagen and the addition of blood nutrients to the applied areas.

The benefits of treatment with Dermapen are numerous and here are some of them:
– Improves the appearance of fine wrinkles and fine lines of mimicry;
– Treats alopecia (helps strengthen the bulb);
– Treats deep post-acne scars;
– Scars left after surgery;
– Stretch marks created by the loss of elastin in the skin;
– Treats skin pigmentation and sun damage;
– Improves the appearance of the skin thanks to the stimulation of collagen production by drilling;
– Helps minimize pores.

The advantages of treatment with Dermapen are numerous, among which we mention:



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