Peeling Treatment Advantages
– This treatment carried out at the Da Vinci clinic changes the concept of usual peeling as it can be applied during all the 12 months of the year encouraging skin deep stimulation.
– It is applied to all types of skin including sensitive and delicate skins.
– Guarantees deep cleansing and removal of irregularities found on the skin surface (hyperpigmentation and superficial scars).
– It is a non traumatic and bio vitalization treatment and facilitates regeneration.
– No skin peeling occurs after the treatment; you will experience a sensation of purity and lifting of your skin.
– After five or six sessions temporary skin lifting is achieved which lasts up to one year.
– This is a fast procedure.
– We offer maximal professionalism during treatment.
– Immediately after the treatment the skin is lightly lifted and visibly whitened and brightened.

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