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Breast augmentation

Many women choose to enlarge their breasts to look more attractive, thus adding to themselves the feeling of femininity. DaVINCI Clinic aesthetic surgeons propose two methods for breast augmentation:

  • Breast augmentation with prosthesis. This is a permanent alternative to increasing the volume of the breast through the placement of implants which have the natural appearance of the shape of the breast.
  • Breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat. This is a very preferred alternative for those girls or women who do not want to have prosthetics placed on their body. Breast augmentation with fat (breast lipofilling) is a temporary result, since 50% of the fat we inject is absorbed within one month and the rest remains permanently in the area where it was injected. For this reason, most patients choose the alternative of placing breast implants for permanent results. Women who want to enlarge their breasts must have reached the age of maturity (eighteen years old), discuss with the surgeon in advance about the expectations they have for the result and be prepared to follow certain rules, not only before the operation, but also after it, in order to ensure the success of the intervention. The prostheses that the Italian surgeons of the DaVINCI Clinic use are safe implants, of the most internationally recognized brands, and more specifically, we use Mentor and B-Lite prostheses. The technique that our surgeons apply for placing prostheses is called Dual Plain, i.e. positioning the prostheses below the pectoral muscle.

The breast implants that DaVINCI Clinic surgeons use are prostheses with a lifetime guarantee, so it is not necessary to replace them after a certain period of time. Our doctors have the necessary knowledge and experience to guarantee the desired results safely and effectively. Breast augmentation surgery usually takes 60-90 minutes and is performed under general anesthesia. Performing breast augmentation surgery does not limit breastfeeding the baby or performing medical examinations such as mammography and ultrasound. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed in combination with liposuction. 

Preliminary consultation

  • On the day you perform the consultation with the surgeon, you must inform the surgeon if you are allergic to any medication, as well as refer to the doctor if you are taking any medication for health reasons that may influence the performance of the surgical intervention;
  • A few days before the operation, you will perform a series of pre-operative examinations which inform the medical staff about your state of health before the operation;
  • At least two weeks before surgery, you must stop taking drugs containing Acetylsalicylic Acid (such as Aspirin, Vivin C, Cardiospirin, etc.) and stop taking oral anticoagulants. Discontinuation of any therapy due to surgery must be consulted in advance with your doctor who prescribed the therapy;
  • Smoking must be stopped at least two weeks before the intervention;
  • The patient must have taken a shower, remove gel or nail polish products the day before the operation, and not consume food or liquids at least eight hours before the intervention;
  • We recommend that patients wear comfortable clothes with buttons or zippers on the day of surgery. 

After the operation

Patients undergoing breast augmentation surgery must stay overnight in the hospital under the care of medical staff. Three days after the operation, the patient must come to the DaVINCI Clinic to have the wound treated. A patient who underwent surgery for breast augmentation with a prosthesis reports tightness and pain in the chest area, especially in the first few days. This is as a result of positioning the breast implants under the pectoral muscle. Most patients leave the hospital with empty stomachs. After 2-3 days from the operation, the removal of the chest drains by the clinic’s medical staff is planned.

After the first month, the immune system begins to create a wrap around the prostheses, isolating the latter. It is precisely this moment when the patient begins to no longer feel the prostheses as a foreign body, as over time the body begins to consider them as part of the organism, which makes it possible to return to normal activity. During the recovery period, it is important to keep special recipes that serve to keep the chest immobile. We advise you to avoid heavy physical activities for 3-4 days after the operation. 

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