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Fat injection in buttocks (BBL) / chest / face

Lipofilling is a surgical method that consists of removing fat from certain areas of the body, through liposuction, and transferring fat to different areas of the face or body through lipofilling.

Aging brings a natural change in the tissues of the face and neck, due to displacement and thinning of muscle mass and loss of skin elasticity. The consequences of these changes are visible wrinkles in areas such as: the corners of the eyes, between the eyebrows, the deepening of the nasolabial lines, as well as the decrease in the volume of the cheekbones.

Lipofilling allows these “defects” to be softened by filling channels and wrinkles, as well as by correcting and reshaping their volume. The most suitable candidates for this procedure are both men and women who have lost weight, or who have low skin elasticity.

Preliminary consultation

The patient is informed that 50% of the injected fat is absorbed 1-3 months after the intervention, so patients often return to repeat the Lipofilling procedure, in order to further increase the volume in that area.

During the operation

The fat transfer operation to add volume to the face lasts 40-60 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia with sedation, always with the anesthetist present in the room.

In cases where we want to add volume to areas such as the chest or buttocks, then the procedure lasts 90 -120 minutes, is performed under total anesthesia and a one night stay in the hospital is recommended.

After the operation

Patients wear an elastic corset provided by the DaVINCI Clinic, to achieve the decrease of the swelling of the area where the fat removal was done.

The pain after the intervention is mild and affordable, but our doctors may still suggest you to take painkillers, so that the recovery is as easy as possible for you. Post-operative signs are visible in the first four weeks after the intervention, then they fade noticeably.

The return to your daily activities should be gradual, so 5-7 days of rest are recommended after the intervention. The result after the lipofilling procedure is visible after three weeks from the intervention, since at first you will be swollen. You must wait at least three months to decide if a second lipofilling session is necessary or if you are satisfied with the obtained effect.

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