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Laser hair removal

Alexandrite Technology

The evolution of technology presents us with the fastest and most effective laser of the moment. The Alexandrite laser uses the alexandrite crystal, through which it emits an infrared spectrum wavelength of 755 nm. The Alexandrite laser works by converting radiation energy into heat, which targets and acts on a very specific area, leaving tissue in the surrounding areas unharmed. Treatment with this laser is performed in a short time and without pain. What you will feel during the treatment is a slight sensation of heat on the skin which passes immediately. This type of technology allows treating any area of the body without exception as it does not cause any danger. The treatment is very comfortable, lasts a few minutes and is performed by trained and experienced medical staff. You can find this advanced technology for permanent hair removal at the DaVINCI Clinic at a reasonable price and the application is performed only by trained and experienced medical staff. 

Permanent hair removal with Alexandrite Laser

The DaVINCI Clinic applies two alexandrite technology lasers to achieve excellent results for permanent hair removal. The Cynosure and Candela GentleMax Pro lasers are highly effective lasers that incorporate alexandrite technology, which works very efficiently to weaken the follicle in order to achieve permanent hair removal after applying several sessions.

Alexandrite laser, through direct action on the hair follicle, causes hair loss and minimizes their further growth. It can be applied to any area of the body without causing any damage, but on the contrary, after a few sessions you will have smoother and hairless skin. For long-term results, it is suggested to carry out 6-8 sessions with a space of five weeks from each other. After completing the protocol of waxing sessions you will have a smooth and hairless skin. You may need maintenance sessions which are applied every 8 – 12 months. Dermatologists recommend laser hair removal especially for those people who suffer from ingrown hairs.

Results achieved