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Breast lift

Over the years, it is very common for breasts to lose their tone and firmness and begin to sag as a result of age, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although breast lift surgery does not make the breasts larger or fuller, this procedure helps slow the effects of aging by tightening the skin of the breasts. Also, breast lift surgery can be helpful in reducing the areola, which is the darkly pigmented area around the nipple (nipple) of the breast. Breast lift can also be combined with breast augmentation, especially for women who have lost their breast volume due to pregnancy or weight loss.

The breast lifting operation is performed in the operating room under total anesthesia and lasts 2 – 2.5 hours. After the intervention, it is recommended to stay in the hospital for 1 – 2 nights in order to continuously monitor the patient. The aesthetic surgeons of the DaVINCI Clinic perform the breast lifting intervention by leaving a thin cicatrice (mark) around the breast nipple and in the lower part of the chest in the shape of _I_. The result after the operation is a lifted and taut breast. Breast lift surgery can be performed in combination with other aesthetic interventions, such as breast augmentation with prosthesis or fat. 

Pre-Operative Preparation

  • On the day you perform the consultation with the surgeon, you must inform the surgeon if you are allergic to any medication, as well as refer to the doctor if you are taking any medication for health reasons that may influence the performance of the surgical intervention;
  • A few days before the operation, you will perform a series of pre-operative examinations which inform the medical staff about your state of health before the operation;
  • At least two weeks before surgery, you must stop taking drugs containing Acetylsalicylic Acid (such as Aspirin, Vivin C, Cardiospirin, etc.) and stop taking oral anticoagulants. Discontinuation of any therapy due to surgery must be consulted in advance with your doctor who prescribed the therapy;
  • Smoking must be stopped at least two weeks before the intervention;
  • The patient must have taken a shower, remove gel or nail polish products the day before the operation, and not consume food or liquids at least eight hours before the intervention;
  • We recommend that patients wear comfortable clothes with buttons or zippers on the day of surgery. 

After the operation

Immediately after breast lift surgery, it is normal for patients to feel chest pain. Our doctors will take care of reducing these pains by advising you on painkillers. In the first week after the intervention, the surgeon will prescribe you to take some medications to reduce the risk of post-operative complications. After surgery, the staff will provide you with surgical dressings that are suitable to wear during recovery. It is normal for the chest to be swollen and uncomfortable for the first 2 – 3 weeks.

Post breast lift intervention marks will remain red for the first six months and later will gradually fade and become closer to your skin color. Most patients who work in offices can return to work as early as one week after surgery. The final results from a breast lift are usually seen after six months and are stable over time. 

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