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Treating Stains

Treatment of spots with Alexandrite

There are probably many of you who are experiencing the discomfort of spots on the skin and especially after this hot season that we just went through.
The Dermatology Department of the DaVINCI Clinic comes to your aid with some information on skin hyperpigmentation and treatments for their fading.
Melasma is hyperpigmentation (brown spots) with a clear border from the rest of the skin that are usually located in areas such as the forehead, cheeks, nose and lips. Although melasmas do not cause other symptoms in the body, they constitute one of the main aesthetic concerns. Brown spots are a much more frequent problem in women, while they appear in only 10% of men, especially in those who live in areas where solar radiation is greater.

Melasma can be caused by various factors based on increased skin sensitivity to the sun. Among these factors we can mention:

  • excessive exposure to the sun without applying protective cream to the skin;
  • genetic causes;
  • hormonal changes (for example during pregnancy or in the pre-menopausal phase);
  • the use of oral contraceptives and other photosensitive medications accompanied by exposure to the sun without protective cream. 

Spot treatment

At the DaVINCI Clinic, you can treat brown spots by fading them in just a few sessions thanks to the application of aesthetic treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Peeling and Mesotherapy with dermapen plus skin whitening ambulators. You can book a consultation with a DaVINCI Clinic dermatologist and immediately start the “Hyperpigmentation Package” to regain your revitalized and blemish-free skin. The package for Hyperpigmentation includes:
  • Consultation with the dermatologist of the clinic;
  • Six sessions of combined treatments aimed at fading brown spots.

Results achieved