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Arms lifting

Sagging or sagging underarm skin can be hereditary or result from weight loss. Performing physical exercises to treat this problem can strengthen the muscles of the upper arm but cannot eliminate excess skin. To solve this concern, the aesthetic surgeon suggests arm lifting intervention, otherwise known as arm remodeling. Arm lift surgery is a surgical procedure that removes loose skin from the lower arm area, reshaping the lines and giving the arm a tighter appearance.

Arm lift surgery is almost always combined with upper arm liposuction to first achieve the elimination of excess fat in that area and then the pulling of loose skin. Performing liposuction serves to reduce the circumference of the arm, eliminating excess fat in this area. The wing remodeling operation takes two hours and is performed under total anesthesia. Before surgery, the surgeon will preliminarily line the excess skin and determine the incision that will result in a mark that will lie under your arm extending to the armpit. 

Pre-Operative Preparation

  • On the day you perform the consultation with the surgeon, you must inform the surgeon if you are allergic to any medication, as well as refer to the doctor if you are taking any medication for health reasons that may influence the performance of the surgical intervention;
  • A few days before the operation, you will perform a series of pre-operative examinations which inform the medical staff about your health condition before the operation;
  • At least two weeks before surgery, you must stop taking drugs containing Acetylsalicylic Acid (such as Aspirin, Vivin C, Cardiospirin, etc.) and stop taking oral anticoagulants. Discontinuation of any therapy due to surgery must be consulted in advance with your doctor who prescribed the therapy;
  • Smoking must be stopped at least two weeks before the intervention;
  • The patient must have taken a shower, remove gel or nail polish products the day before the operation, and not consume food or liquids at least eight hours before the intervention;
  • We recommend that patients wear comfortable clothes with buttons or zippers on the day of surgery. 

After the operation

Mild pain is common after surgery, but it can be alleviated with the medications given to you by the surgeon. Most patients are off work and daily activities for at least two weeks after surgery. Immediately after the operation you will have two moles in the armpit area which are usually removed after 3 – 4 days. Since the arm lifting operation is accompanied by liposuction of the arms, after the operation you will have swelling that lasts for 2 – 3 weeks.

Numbness of the skin of the arm is also expected and may last several months. After the operation in the area of the arms, you will wear a tight elastic corset which will be made available to you by the DaVINCI Clinic. You will wear this corset for three weeks. Sutures can be removed after 8 -12 days from the operation. After surgery you will see an immediate improvement in your arms. The marks (scars) of the arm lift surgery begin to fade, slowly taking on the final appearance after 6 – 12 months. 

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