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Lip lift

Upper lip elevation

Surely each of us has heard of the terms filler, lip reshaping injections, lip augmentation with prosthesis, etc., techniques that help us only add lip volume and not highlight our smile.

Precisely for those people who only want to lift the upper lip, define the contour of the upper lip and highlight their smile, our specialist team suggests Lip Lift.

Lip Lift is an intervention that offers permanent results and is so natural that no one will understand it but will adore the smile you reflect after such an intervention.

Preliminary consultation

Before performing the intervention, a consultation is carried out with the Italian aesthetic surgeon of the DaVINCI Clinic, who explains to you through the design, where is the area that will be intervened, as well as the aesthetic benefits you can expect from this procedure. During the consultation with the medical staff, you will have the opportunity to discuss any of your uncertainties before making the decision to perform this intervention.

The medical team will give you all preliminary recommendations such as:

  • To avoid smoking at least one week before the procedure.
  • To not consume alcohol at least forty eight hours before the procedure.
  • To not take medications such as aspirin or other similar drugs that affect blood thinning at least two weeks before the procedure.

During the intervention

Lip Lift is a mini-invasive intervention that is performed under sedation and lasts 40-50 minutes. This procedure aims to shorten the space between the nose and the line of the upper lip, known as the “philtrum”.


After the intervention, you stay a few hours under the supervision of the medical staff and then you leave the hospital equipped with all the medical recommendations. The pain is bearable and will be felt only in the first hours after the intervention. The threads are absorbable, so it is not necessary to return to the clinic for medication, but only for routine checks.

The marks are visible and pink in color only for the first few weeks. It is expected that after 2-3 months the marks will be almost invisible.

After recovery you will notice that the fleshy pink part of the upper lip is more prominent and fuller and the first upper teeth will be visible even when you are at rest.

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