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Perfecting liposuction with VASERlipo

Perfecting liposuction with

VASERlipo, one of the most requested technologies in Europe for body shaping, is now exclusively present at the DaVINCI clinic. VASERlipo is a modern liposuction technique that uses ultrasound energy for aesthetic contouring of the body, bringing very good results with less pain than traditional liposuction. Benefits of VASERlipo technology:
  • Minimally invasive procedure: VASERlipo, thanks to the use of ultrasound, dissolves fat cells more easily, minimizing trauma and the risk of hemorrhage.
  • Treats multiple areas in a single procedure: VASERlipo can shape many areas in a single procedure including: chin, neck, hips, female and male chest, arms, back, buttocks, thighs, knees, ankles, etc.
  • Less pain, swelling and recovery time: VASERlipo technology is unique in its ability to target fat cells while leaving other tissues intact, resulting in less pain and recovery time than traditional liposuction.
The VASERlipo process During the VASERlipo procedure, the area to be treated is filled with a special solution. The fat cells are treated with ultrasound energy turning into liquid form and then removed from the body through a suction process. The surrounding tissue remains intact giving you smooth contours with less pain and a shorter recovery time.

Pre-Operative Preparation

  • On the day you perform the consultation with the surgeon, you must inform the surgeon if you are allergic to any medication, as well as refer to the doctor if you are taking any medication for health reasons that may influence the performance of the surgical intervention;
  • A few days before the operation, you will perform a series of pre-operative examinations which inform the medical staff about your health condition before the operation;
  • At least two weeks before surgery, you must stop taking drugs containing Acetylsalicylic Acid (such as Aspirin, Vivin C, Cardiospirin, etc.) and stop taking oral anticoagulants. Discontinuation of any therapy due to surgery must be consulted in advance with your doctor who prescribed the therapy;
  • Smoking must be stopped at least two weeks before the intervention;
  • The patient must have taken a shower, remove gel or nail polish products the day before the operation, and not consume food or liquids at least eight hours before the intervention;
  • We recommend that patients wear comfortable clothes with buttons or zippers on the day of surgery.

After the operation

Patients who perform liposuction surgery stay overnight in the hospital under the care of medical staff or may be discharged the same day depending on the area of the body where liposuction was applied. For example, patients who perform gill liposuction do not need to stay one night in the hospital. Immediately after the operation, with the help of the medical staff, the patient will wear a post-operative corset which helps not to swell too much in the area where fat has been removed. This corset will be made available by the DaVINCI Clinic and will be worn for three weeks after surgery.

The recovery period after liposuction with VASERlipo is relatively faster than with the normal liposuction procedure and most patients feel well after three days.

The period of removal of edemas is within four weeks and removal of minimal hematomas 7-10 days.

Patients can return to normal work activity after seven days if they strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

The doctor will follow you closely during the recovery period and will recommend the right time to resume full physical activity.

The start of lipo massage is suggested after three weeks.

We recommend avoiding tiring activities for the first 1-2 weeks after the intervention.

To maintain long-term results after liposuction surgery, the medical staff of the DaVINCI Clinic will suggest the Nutrigenetics test as well as a personalized diet that will improve your eating habits forever.

Results achieved