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Acne is a concern not only for teenagers, as all of us have felt the embarrassment of their appearance at different times of life. The skin specialists at the DaVINCI Clinic, thanks to their several years of experience, treat a wide spectrum of skin indications, including the treatment of acne. For the treatment of acne, a consultation with a dermatologist is always recommended, who may suggest:

  • Carrying out some examinations to identify the genesis of the problem;
  • Following a medication therapy for a certain period of time;
  • Performing aesthetic treatments such as following several Peeling sessions in order to dry up active acne and the bacteria that are under it and then treating acne marks with Dermapen or Dermaroller. 

Treatment of acne

Aesthetic treatments applied to active acne are always monitored and documented by the dermatologist of the DaVINCI Clinic who follows the patient throughout the treatment process until the end of the recommended sessions.

After completing the acne treatment sessions, most patients continue aesthetic treatments with the DaVINCI Clinic’s medical staff to remove the marks and spots left by acne on the skin.

You can consult the dermatologist of the DaVINCI Clinic every day for various skin problems such as acne, spots, wrinkles, moles or for other maintenance treatments to preserve your glow and youth. 

Results achieved