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Radiofrequency treatments (skin toning)

Radiofrequency (RF) works by delivering energy (in the form of heat) to the dermis (deep skin layer) and sub-dermal layer, without damaging the top skin layer (epidermis). Radiofrequency works in the deep layers of the skin, giving you a toning effect thanks to the stimulation of collagen production by the heat it conducts, thus helping to fade your skin’s imperfections. Heating in this area causes the contraction of existing collagen fibers and the production of new collagen and elastin, increases blood circulation, and enables lipolysis and apoptosis (destruction) of fat cells, helping us to melt away cellulite at the same time.

Radiofrequency not only helps tighten and rejuvenate the skin, but it also treats cellulite, scars and stretch marks. The increase in blood circulation caused by radiofrequency heat has a therapeutic effect on the tissue, as it increases the absorption of nutrients and stimulates the elimination of the chronic low-grade inflammation that characterizes cellulite. The results of radiofrequency treatment are visible after applying a minimum of ten sessions at a time interval of 3-4 days from each other. 

Advantages of Radiofrequency treatment

Radiofrequency is a revolutionary device that does not create any discomfort for patients, during or after the face or body treatment. Radiofrequency is applied to the treatment of different areas of the face and body, giving us the opportunity to improve our inesthetics such as:

  • Cellulite;
  • Reduction of wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté area;
  • Improving the appearance of stretch marks and scars;
  • Fat reduction;
  • Skin tightening and toning;
  • Strain of the hips and thighs;
  • Toning other body lines such as arms or sagging skin of the abdomen.

Results achieved