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Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation

Why do women choose breast augmentation?
Many women choose breast augmentation in order to look more attractive, adding to their sense of femininity. Breast augmentation is achieved through implanting synthetic implants to create fuller breasts. Women who decide to undergo breast augmentation must be mature (over 18 years of age) and discuss in advance with the surgeon about their expectations in regards to the intervention. They should also be prepared to follow several rules both before and after the intervention in order for the latter to be successful. Our doctors possess the required knowledge and experience to guarantee the desirable outcome via safe and effective ways.

Patient’s Choices and Surgical Techniques
Patients considering breast augmentation will be introduced to a variety of choices. Our doctors will collaborate with you during the decision making process and will assist you in deciding upon the right implant and surgical procedure for your aim. The pre-intervention decisions regard the type of implant (filled with silicon gel or saline solution), prosthesis size, prosthesis placement (above or under the pectoralis major muscle) and incision (inframammary, periareolar, or transaxillary).

Types of Implants
In our clinic we offer the most contemporary prosthesis with silicone gel or saline solution in various sizes and shapes (round and anatomical). Our aim is to achieve results surpassing your expectations and at the same time preserving a very natural look. Our aesthetic surgeon will discuss with you and most of the initial consultation will be focused on the description of the prosthesis, answering your questions and assisting you in deciding which prosthesis size and type is the best option to fulfil your needs. It is important to underline the fact that the prosthesis that our Italian surgeons at the Da Vinci clinic use have life time guarantee and there is no need to substitute them after any period of time.


Breast augmentation surgery usually lasts one hour. It is conducted under general anaesthesia, under the anaesthetist’s care. The presence of the anaesthetist allows the doctor to fully concentrate and achieve the best aesthetic result possible, without dividing their attention among the intervention and the monitoring of the vital signs of the patient. Breast augmentation surgery does not interfere with breast-feeding; nor does it increase the risk for breast tumour. All kinds of examinations can be undergone after breast augmentation, such as mammography and ultrasound. Our doctors perform breast augmentation surgical procedure via the latest surgical techniques in order to achieve the most natural result possible.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Patients can go home 24 hours after the surgery. Three days after the surgical intervention the patient must come back to the clinic to treat the wound. Most of the patients feel good after already four or five days. In many cases, the patient feels a constriction in the chest area, especially during the first days. This happens as a result of emplacement of the prosthesis under the pectoralis major muscle. By the end of the first month, immunity system in human beings starts to create a cover around the prosthesis and isolate the latter. From this moment on the patient does not perceive the prosthesis as a foreign body but as part of the organism which enables the patient’s return to normal activity. During the recuperation period it is important to use specific bras that help keeping the breasts motionless. We recommend you avoid heavy physical activities from two to three weeks. The doctor will follow up on you during the recovery period and will recommend the right time to restart your normal activity

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