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Let's eat according to the genes

Nutrigenetics discovers and studies how certain foods interact with our genes to affect our health. The Nutrigenetics test is an examination that analyzes the patient’s metabolic characteristics creating the possibility of defining a personalized nutritional program that changes your way of eating forever.
The test informs us about the characteristics of many biochemical reactions that occur in our organism. Knowing the characteristics of our metabolism, through this examination, we are able to know which is the suitable nutritional program for our organism to function better.

The test results inform us about:
-Sensitivity to fats
-Sensitivity to carbohydrates
-Sensitivity to oxidative stress
– Capacities in the metabolism of folic acid. 

Taking the test

Before receiving the material, the doctor conducts a consultation with the patient in order to inform about the benefits of performing this test. Taking the material for the Nutrigenetics test is carried out through a cotton swab from the cells of the patient’s buccal mucosa. The material is then sent for study and interpretation to the laboratories of our collaborative partners in Bologna. The answer to the test takes 4 weeks and is delivered to you in book form and by e-mail in Italian and Albanian. 

Interpretation of the test

Test interpretation at the DaVINCI Clinic is always accompanied by a personalized diet. The general explanation of the test results and the characteristics of your metabolism is carried out by the medical staff of the clinic and by the Italian Nutritionist who also consults you whether you should take measures to improve the current situation or not.

In addition to the vocal interpretation by the medical staff, the test results are delivered to the patient in the form of a book explaining the sensitivity of your metabolism to 220 different types of foods so that you can monitor the foods you consume at every moment of your life. At the DaVINCI Clinic, the Nutrigenetics test and the personalized diet are recommended for all patients who undergo liposuction or abdominoplasty surgery in order for the results of the operation to be long-term.