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Why Choose Buccal Fat Removal: Advantages and Considerations.

Why Choose Buccal Fat Removal?
Advantages and Considerations.

Facial appearance is a significant part of our personal identity, and many people seek to perfect it through cosmetic surgery. One of the most popular procedures in this area is the removal of buccal fat. In this article, we will explore the reasons why more and more people are choosing this procedure and the considerations to keep in mind.


What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal, also known as buccal lipectomy or bichectomy, is a minimally invasive surgery aimed at reducing the volume of fat in the cheeks. This process is based on the removal of buccal fat, known as the “buccal fat pad,” located on the inside of the cheeks. The procedure has become increasingly popular among those looking to achieve a more rounded and defined face.


Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

More rounded face: Removing buccal fat can reduce the volume of the cheeks, creating a more rounded and sculpted appearance.

Improves facial definition: This surgery can highlight the cheekbones and bone structure of the face, making the face look sharper.


Permanent Results: Once buccal fat is removed, the results tend to be permanent, unless significant weight gain occurs.

Relatively simple procedure: Buccal fat removal is a minimally invasive surgery that can be performed in the ambulatory with local anesthesia.


Considerations Before Undergoing Buccal Fat Removal

Consult a medical professional: Before making a decision, it is essential to consult an experienced plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor. They will be able to assess whether this procedure is suitable for your needs and physical condition.

Realistic Expectations: It is important to have realistic expectations about your results. Removing buccal fat can improve facial definition, but it won’t dramatically transform your face shape.

Risk of Side Effects: As with any surgery, there are risks associated with buccal fat removal, such as swelling, bruising, and infection. Discuss these risks with your surgeon.

Recovery Time: Be prepared for a recovery period after surgery. You may need to follow a soft diet and take time to fully heal.


Why choose DaVINCI Clinic for buccal fat removal?

Dr. Giulio Gherardini, part of the DaVINCI Clinic is a certified plastic surgeon who is known for his surgical skills and artistry, always with the aim of offering natural aesthetics. We achieve superior results while ensuring the highest level of patient care.

Our goal is to design a procedural plan that highlights your natural beauty and brings out the qualities that make you truly beautiful. We work closely with each of our patients, taking a highly personalized approach to understanding their needs and aesthetic goals. From there, we’ll chart a path to get them the results they want.