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Face Lifting


Face Lifting

Unlike face lifting in the past, the modern treatments carry out more than just lifting of the face and neck skin. Through this procedure, the face muscles and connecting tissues are manipulated to give the face a fresher, younger look. The fat deposits can be repositioned or eliminated via liposuction. In order to achieve more natural results, the excessive skin is cut and removed. This plastic surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia.


Face lifting surgery is a plastic surgery conducted in a specialised centre for surgical procedures. Despite the type of the anaesthesia used – general or local with sedatives, an anaesthetist is always present. The presence of the anaesthetist during the intervention allows the doctor to fully concentrate and achieve the best aesthetic result possible. During the surgery, the doctor follows the face natural lines to hide and minimize the appearance of any potential scars. Face lifting procedure includes skin incision starting from the forehead and moving down towards the temple area. The incision continues downwards through the physiological skin pair in front of and at the back of the ear, ending at the hair line behind the neck. In case of mini-lifting of the face it is not necessary for the surgeon to continue the incision behind the back area of the ear. A second incision is carried out to reach the necessary muscles and connecting tissues in the neck area. Afterwards, the skin, muscles and connecting tissues are modified in order to give the face a fresher look with more youthful contours. To reach the desirable results, the surgery can involve repositioning or liposuction of the fat. The excessive skin is cut away and the incision is stitched with thin threads which are removed by the doctor after several days or can fall by themselves.

Post-Surgical Recovery

The patients can go home 24 hours after the surgical procedure. It is recommended that they stay under the care of an adult for two up to three days. The recovery period is relatively fast and most of the patients feel better already in two or three days after the intervention. The inflation and bruises disappear by the end of the first week. Wearing activities must be avoided for about two weeks. The doctor will follow up on you during the recovery period and will recommend when to resume your full activity. After the cosmetic surgery the patients must continue their meetings with our professional staff in order to proceed with the skin treatments to keep a youthful face. These treatments can be combined with procedures that increase the quality of the skin structure and improve the appearance of the thin wrinkles.

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