Radiofrequency Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation via Radiofrequency
Radiofrequency is a non-surgical procedure that aims at lifting the skin when it looses its elasticity by facilitating the contouring of the lines and dulling of the wrinkles, giving a younger and natural look. RF (Radiofrequency) treatments are recommended against cellulite, scars occurring after changes in weight or pregnancy, wrinkles, eye pouches, neck and low-neck wrinkles, etc.

What is Radiofrequency?
Radiofrequency operates via distribution of energy (in its heat state) in the dermis (the deeper layer of the skin) and in sub-dermis layers without damaging the skin’s upper layer (epidermis). It rejuvenates the skin by operating in the skin’s deeper layers and stimulating the production of collagen via the released heat thus helping the diming of the skin’s imperfections. Heating in this area causes the shrinking of existing collagen fibres and production of new collagen and elastin, increases the blood circulation and facilitates the lipolysis and apoptosis (destruction) of the fatty cells by targeting at the same time cellulite melting.

Radiofrequency helps not only the lifting and rejuvenation of face and body lines, but also the treatment of cellulite, scars, and stretch marks. The increase in blood circulation caused by RF heat has a therapeutic effect on the tissues as it increases the absorption of nurturing substances and removal of unnecessary products and waste, and stimulates the disappearance of low grade chronic inflammation which is a common characteristic of cellulite. The impact is almost immediate as it can be felt and seen immediately after the treatment and intensifies in two to three days.

Advantages of Radiofrequency Treatment

Radiofrequency is a revolutionary equipment which causes no discomfort to the patients during or after the face and body treatment. Radiofrequency can be applied in various areas of the face and body, eliminating several problematic manifestations such as the followings:

Our experience with patients has so far shown that to achieve satisfactory skin lifting results four to six treatment sessions are necessary. However, the ultimate number of sessions is defined based on the patient’s skin. The dermatologists at the Da Vinci clinic will recommend you the ultimate number of sessions during the consultation.
The RF treatment has no side effects. This procedure is safe and approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). You can start your routine activity immediately after the RF treatment. The RF treatment can be received at any time and season.



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